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FISKARS: Deluxe Paper Trimmer with Aluminum Cut Rail (12")

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FISKARS reinforced aluminum cut rail eliminates wobble for straight, precise cuts through a variety of craft materials, and a large deck give you plenty of room to create.

 Now you can make straighter, more precise cuts than ever before thanks to a reimagined trimmer design. The Deluxe Paper Trimmer features a reinforced aluminum cut rail that won’t flex, eliminating wobble and curving. A line-of-sight window shows you exactly where the blade will cut to ensure accuracy, and highlighted grid lines with larger numbers make exact measurements easy. This deluxe trimmer includes the widest base on the market and a self-leveling swing-out arm that extends the measuring deck to over 15" to manage all of your extra-large materials. The ergonomically designed, high-profile blade carriage is easy to grip, helping you cut quickly and accurately. The trimmer also includes a scoring blade for making precise folds and a lightweight design for effortless transport.

      • Ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials including paper, photos and up to two sheets of 110-lb. cardstock
      • Sturdy, reinforced aluminum cut rail ensures straight cuts, never curved or wobbly
      • Line-of-sight window makes it easy to see where blade will cut for unmatched accuracy
      • Use only one blade at a time on the rail
      • Highlighted grid lines and larger numbers make exact measurements easy
      • Widest base on the market (6-1/4") offers plenty of room for card cutting
      • Self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to over 15" to cut extra-large crafting materials with precision
      • Built-in smudge guard keeps your materials fingerprint-free
      • Rail lock secures the smudge guard so materials can’t shift while you cut
      • Rubberized feet provide stability
      • Works with blade style K
      • 12" cut length
      • Lifetime warranty