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Stampscapes, Old Barn (Large), Unmounted Stamp

Regular price $7.99

Approximate Size:  2.25" x 4.5"

Only available in Unmounted Rubber Stamps only.

The designer, Kevin Nakagawa, tend to like elements that can lend a sense of time to a scene. Man made references in the form of rustic imagery can do this. He drew this barn in a way that it could be new or old but thought that some weathering of the wood would be a more interesting image. As it progressed the wood became more and more weathered which led to me "removing" some of the wooden siding and angling some of the beams to look as though they've fallen. 334F is the larger version of Old Barn (sm) 335D and matches the Old Barn Fence (right) 336E and Old Barn Fence 337E well.

This design also comes in a larger stamp size: Bayou Shack 343I.