Waffle Flower Water Media Mat

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Waffle Flower Water Media Mat create beautiful pieces with watercolor, ink, and other wet media all in one spot. Mix colors, add embellishments, and more on this non-stick, waterproof, heat resistant mat.  The smooth, matte, white surface is non-reflective and can hold paper sized up to 9x12 inches and features 12 palette squares as well as guides for framing videos (standard 16x9 inch video format and multiple square positions for popular social media sharing).  

The suction back of the mat sticks to your table and will not move. If it loses suction, clean with water or a baby wipe to help it stick again. 

A glue gun or heat tool will not damage the surface and dried glue peels right off.

Avoid sharp edges. Some colors or pigments may stain your mat but does not change the properties of the mat.