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Bazzill, 12X12 Smoothies Cardstock Assortment Pack, Warm Hues (20 Colors)

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Bazzill Premium Paper is synonymous with premium cardstock. Paper crafters can count on Bazzill to provide an unbelievable selection of color and texture enabling you to fully tap your creative vision.

Please enjoy this assortment of Bazzill Basics Cardstock, hand picked by the Treasure Mart Team!

Contains 20 sheets:

  • BZL-300141, Fruit Punch
  • BZL-300144, California Poppy
  • BZL-300145, Crepe
  • BZL-300146, Cherry Blossom
  • BZL-300163, Pink Phlox
  • BZL-372385, Saffron
  • BZL-372386, Ruby Red
  • BZL-372387, Candy Floss
  • BZL-372389, Salmon
  • BZL-372407, Cerise Pink
  • BZL-372408, Touch of Pink
  • BZL-372409, Lemonlicious
  • BZL-372415, Princess Pink
  • BZL-372440, Carmine Rose
  • BZL-372518, Mars
  • BZL-372520, Lovebird
  • BZL-372592, Pizzaz
  • BZL-372620, Coral Sunset
  • BZL-372621, Orange Aglow
  • BZL-372622, Orange Lily