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Dove Blender Starter Set, Refillable

Regular price ₩31,000

The Dove Blending Pen is a revolutionary new tool specially formulated to make floating or blending colors easier. Fill it with the included blending medium and use it on any water-based marker, colored pencil, chalk, dye pad, or pigment pads to achieve more variation and depth without using many colors.

The Dove Blender works with all waterbased markers, colored pencils, chalks, dye pads, and pigment pads.

The Blender never has to be replaced, it is easily refilled through the Nib and the nibs are replaceable when they get frayed.

To refill the pen, simply pull the nib out and add several drops 6 of the Dove Blending Fluid.

To clean your Nib, simply rub your nib on scrap paper until color is removed.  Nib may be stained but ready for next color.

The Blender will not work on glossy paper or clay coated paper.


  • 3 replacement nibs
  • 1 pen
  • 1 0z. refill fluid bottle

Made in the USA.