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Stampscapes, Birch Trees (Small), Unmounted Stamp (313G)

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This stamp is only available in Unmounted Red Rubber.

Approximately size:  2.7" X 4.5"

In the past, most of the trees in the Stampscapes line have been dark, almost silhouette, in nature. The reason for this is that they could be stamped right over a scene without the need for any masking and would appear as though they're in the foreground. The background wouldn't show through this type of design. But, sometimes, a different tree is desired that could be create a light-against-dark structure in the form of a bold white bark in front of a background of your choice. These trees can be stamped and then masked with a paper, film, or liquid mask and then the background stamped and colored or you can do a scene without the trees and add them in later by stamping them on to a separate piece of paper, cutting them out, and applying them to the scene foreground. Primary use of this tree is to stamp the image so that the tops of the trees run off the top of the scene and avoiding an abrupt tree top cut off line within your scene. Can be used with or without the large version of Birch Trees --Birch Trees 312I.