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Tsukineko, Versafine Clair Ink Pads, Monarch

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TSUKINEKO Versa Fine Claire Ink Pad - Monarch (152) Quick-drying Oil-based Pigment Stamp Pad

Stamping is quick and easy with Tsukineko. Tsukineko's new line of VersaFine Clair ink pads come in a wide range of both bright and vintage colours.

Tsukineko VersaFine Clair is a fast drying pigment ink which is ideal for use with heat embossing powders.

It's raised ink pad is also perfect for finely detailed stamps and for direct to paper (DTP) purposes. The ink pads are air tight which result in longer lasting ink pads.

The stamp case measures 97mm x 56mm and the ink pad measures 76mm x 35mm