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Aladine IZINK Pearly Lustre Paste by Seth Apter, Sunlight (Cuivre), 80ml

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Pearly paint is easy to apply with a spatula or brush.

IZINK Pearly is an opaque lustre past that works beautifully on your mixed media projects. Available in a range of colors, this paste finishes with a pearly sheen. Use this paste with your favorite stencils to add a beautiful shimmering effect to your craft project.

This product works on all surfaces including paper, cardstock, glass, wood, plastic and even fabric. Washable when heat set.   Fix the colour by ironing for 2 minutes (with a protective cloth) before washing in a machine at 40 degrees Celsius..

Comes in a handy pouch with a spout that easily controls the amount of paste being used. Conserves your product and results in a clean and simple application.

Product designed with Mixed Media artist, Seth Apter.