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Clover, Mini Iron II "The Adapter",

Regular price $49.00

CLOVER-The Mini Iron II is a new innovation that will expand creativity!

The new mini iron features interchangeable tips that can be used for quilting, sewing, and crafting.

There are 5 adaptable tips to be used for doll making, stenciling, paper crafting, hard to reach corners and all your innovative ideas.

The Mini Iron II also features a dial for heat control and an on/off switch.

Package contains: Mini Iron II (11 inches long), small adapter iron tip, screwdriver for changing tips, and iron stand.

Keep out of reach of children.

When turning the power on for the first time, smoke may be emitted from the shaft of the Mini Iron II, this is not a defect and will quickly disappear.

Weighs: 2.5 oz. UL listed. Imported.