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Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Dyamond Boards, Hexagons

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Dylusions Dyamond Boards are the perfect substrate for use with Dyamond rocks, Dyamond dust, and Dyamond medium. Finished pieces make great additions to journal covers, mixed media, and art journaling projects, and more! Dyamond boards are die cut and pre-primed for ease of use. To use: Cover a Dyamond Board completely with the Dyamond medium dabber and add a layer of the Dyamond rocks. Lightly tap off excess. Heat to melt, Whilst hot, quickly add a second layer and melt. Repeat with a third layer, until smooth. To deboss an image, ink a stamp with the Dyamond medium pad and press into third layer whilst hot. Release stamp and lightly dust the image with Dyamond rocks. This package contains 20 pieces.