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Dynasty Blue Ice Short Handle Brush, Series 32F Flat Size 2 (For Oils, Acrylics)

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For: Oils, Acrylics

Blue Ice occurs when snow falls on a glacier, is compressed and becomes part of the glacier. Air Bubbles are squeezed out and ice crystals enlarge, making the Ice blue. Clear blue ice is the strongest. Dynasty’s Blue Ice collection tempers the strength of glacial ice with flexibility to move heavy mediums. It’s soft white tip maintains chisel and point creating detail work usually achieved by a finer brush. A smooth flow on small or large surfaces creating a versatile brush for the versatile artist.

This multi-media brush uses a combination of different fibers to create a brush that allows for a fluid distribution of product- way more than your standard brushes. Available in a variety of styles and sizes. This 2.2x8.75 inch package contains one size 2 flat brush. 

Hair Blended Synthetic
MTS Strong
Handle Matte Black Kiln Dried White Birch
Medium Multi Media - Heavy Bodied Paints
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