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Pébéo, Masking Fluid Marker Drawing Gum (Latex Free), 4mm

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  • CREATE WATERPROOF SURFACES: Pébéo drawing gum is a laminating drawing gum for working with ink, watercolour, gouache etc. Use this liquid gum on the parts of your work that you want to keep blank.
  • HIGH PRECISION MARKER: Apply your masking fluid gum easily with this handy drawing marker. The 4mm nib allows thick and regular strokes to be made as well as uniform flatness.
  • QUALITY MARKER: The plastic wick of your Pébéo drawing gum marker does not break, resists repeated primers and does not fray, allowing you to make a precise drawing. Once your colours are dry, simply laminate the drawing gum with your finger or an eraser to uncover hidden areas that have not absorbed your paint or drawing ink.
  • QUICK DRYING MASKING RUBBER: Once your liquid gum is dry, you can colour your work. The spare rubber for watercolour, ink or Pébéo gouache dries in just a few minutes.
  • A MULTI-PURPOSE PRODUCT: This marker for liquid masking gum is delivered in a shell to protect it in case of transport and to facilitate its storage. Explore the many possibilities of this 4 mm marker before painting with watercolours, gouache, Indian ink and much more.