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Stamperia, A5 Soft Mould, Lady Vagabond - Pipes

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Flexible PVC mold for cold pouring, size 14.8x21cm. Ideal for Soap, Ceramic Powder, White Resin and for all products to be molded by pressure or to be cold-cast.

Sir Vagabond and Lady Vagabond are one theme developed in two different ways, the masculine side and the feminine side. They live in the Steampunk World where travelling is still possible with fantastic machines, they have full of accessories that allows You to have fun interpretation and personalizing your creations. The designers behind these original Collections are two international artists: Antonis Tzanidakis and Belinda Basson. He is Greek she is South African. Both travelers, nomads in their heart, they love to meet people, exchange their views and develop always new and original projects.