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Stamperia, Aquacolor Spray Set 3/Pkg, Woodland (Please see Note)

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Note:  This product would not ship during Winter.  If needed be, we can add the heat pad depends on the location and extra charges will be applied.

Aquacolors are a water based spray paint. They can be used as a spray or applied with a brush to create a watercolor effect. After spraying, using a dryer, the color can be blended and softened. The color when applied is much stronger than when it is dry. They can be used on many surfaces to create effects. This package contains three bottles of Stamperia Aquacolor Spray, three colors. 60ml

Stamperia is an Italian brand that specializes in high-quality crafting materials, including scrapbooking paper, decoupage paper, stencils, and stamps. Known for their stunning designs and attention to detail, Stamperia's products are perfect for a wide range of crafting projects. Whether you're an experienced crafter or just starting out, Stamperia has something to offer with their unique and beautiful collections that inspire creativity and imagination.