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Stampscapes, Canyon Large, Unmounted Stamp (013G)

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Approximate size:  3" X 4.5"

Note from the designer, Kevin Nakagawa, "One of my early designs but I had discontinued it at one point as I felt like I didn't have enough imagery to go on the sides of it but many had requested it once they found out about it so I re-released it in a "discontinued set" for a few years. Inevitably finds out about it or someone that had it posts a scene using it and more people request it so I just decided to re-release it as an individual stamp. I do like the whole feel of the piece and the idea of looking down into something just as I do in real life with grand vistas and overlooks. I love the rewards, too, of summiting after a long hike where I can look where I came from and what and how far you can see as a result."