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Stampscapes, Rocky Bluff, Unmounted Stamp (439G)

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Approximately Size:  6.25" x 2.2"

The Designer, Kevin Nakagawa, has a lot of foreground rocks that he had designed in the past but he wanted one that would act as a strong visual lead-in. To do this, would require a strong sense of single point perspective with lines leading to a single point but he didn't want it to be so strongly defined as such that it would lack variation which made it a challenge. Layering the rock in different consistencies broke up the monotony of it as if there were different types of rock where one erodes smoothly while the other develops fissures. The leading lines of the piece were halted and softened with the use of various weathered rocks at the top of the slope. Use this image for any foreground in any setting but you can dramatize anything set atop this image from flora to fauna or set a structure on the top for a stable setting for such a build.