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Sweet Poppy Stencil, Octopus, Stainless Steel

Regular price $24.50

A brilliant fun filled stencil of an Octopus that will bring smiles to any one that receives it.  A stainless steel stencil measuring 150mm x 150mm x 0.4mm. This stencil will give you perfect images time and time again. Let your imagination create scenes that will bring smiles from the youngest to the oldest, with this simple to use detailed Octopus stencil. Picture the image as a framed centre piece or a fun card or even adorn the walls in an undersea adventure scene in your children’s rooms.

Let your imagination take this stencil to new heights and create some amazing creations that will astound your family and friends. Why not combine the Hugs and Kisses stamp to send that special friend a card that will bring a smile to their face and brighten up the day! 

Made in the UK.