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Sweet Poppy Stencil, Sweet Poppy Buddy Die: Snowflake Outline Die, Stainless Steel

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This Snowflake Buddy outline die is designed to work with the Snowflake SP1-306 stencil. Or it can also be used on its own which ever way you use it, this snowflake die will not disappointed you. It will produce a beautiful delicate snowflake bringing the festive season to your projects!

Why not start with the stencil and once you have finished with your pasting, inking, glittering or mica technique. Let your machine do the hard work cutting the image out. However make sure the image is dry, then slip on the die. Furthermore this will save you time fussy cutting and bring the card alive with that extra dimension the die adds. Like wise heat foils will create a great effect using the stencil image and then cut the image with this great die!

Made in the UK.