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ZIG Blender Twin Tip Marker, Clear

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ZIG Art & Graphic Twin is a dual-tipped marker with a fine tip for details and a flexible brush tip for larger coverage. Markers use a water-based dye formula allowing colors to blend easily. The 0.8 mm fine tip and the flexible brush tip are fit for sketching, illustrating, cartooning and rubber stamps. Easy to blend and dilute water-based colors with TUT-80 Blender. Water-based dye.

Use this marker to dilute or blend ZIG water-based inks. It makes it easy to make gradations with flexible brush tips. 

The Zig Blender Marker has two brush tips with clear, water-based dye, odorless, xylene-free ink. Best for diluting or blending Zig water-based inks on paper and rubber stamping.